Monday, 14 September 2015

Breasts and nipples

Catchy title, I know. It's the rentrée in France, which is when the French start working again after disappearing into the ether for a month or two. You know, everyone who can afford it just buggers off to Ile de Ré island or their country house in Provence at some point in July or August. And now they're all back in full swing. So I told myself, Goodness Gracious Gwen, get a grip and get that blog going again. So today I'm back in full swing with breasts and nipples and alliterations starting with the letter G.

So, I found myself staring at my Italian colleague's cleavage the other day. We were having dessert and every time she bent over to scoop up some of her mousse au chocolat, I'd catch a glimpse of the tiniest bit of lace behind the topmost button of her shirt. You know, just the tiniest bit, not too much, just enough to keep you guessing what the rest of it might look like. It can't be a bra, I thought, its too high up. What on earth could it be?
There was some awesome use of lingerie going on right in front of me and because I couldn't guess what she was wearing, in the end I just asked her. She smiled and told me that it was a lace undershirt. And that she never wore bras despite the fact that she's got a large cleavage and her Mamma keeps telling her "Valentina, per carità, large breasts need support or they start sagging!". Sagging my arse, she said. My breasts can support themselves, thank you very much.

I found that quite inspiring. Made me think of how wearing a bra is almost compulsory here, while virtually none of my friends back in Argentina wore bras. There seemed to be this acceptance there that breasts are just fine the way they are. Breasts don't need to be squeezed into a particular shape, neatly separated into two standardized cups, and people don't tend to frown upon the outline of a nipple or two underneath a tank top.

My Scottish ex always used to say that he only ever wears boxers because he just loves that feeling of everything hanging loose (except when he went commando because he'd forgotten to do his laundry, or when he was wearing a kilt, obviously). I guess undershirts are for breasts what boxers are for balls. Pardon my French but now that Momo repeats everything I say I need to use every opportunity I get to swear in writing.

Anyway, I think most of you know my stance on breasts. I think everyone should be allowed to NOT wear bras or any other type of lingerie underneath, and should not be shamed for doing so. By the way, I also think it's unfair that men can walk around topless in public while women can't. I know you're all thinking but she lives in France and French women are all topless on the beach. Yes there definitely is more of an acceptance to be topless on beaches here, but it's usually foreign women who enjoy that freedom the most, and sorry but being topless on the beach just isn't enough. Tanning topless is accepted but you're not really supposed to walk around or swim topless, for example. That's just stupid. I'm sorry but I think women should be allowed to be topless wherever men are allowed to be topless, simple as. I think it's stupid that breasts and women's nipples are sexualised. Breasts aren't sexual. They're just breasts.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. Have a great week!


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