Sunday, 21 December 2014

To all men who think they're not muscular enough

Women don't necessarily fancy muscular men, yet this is the ideal many men are striving for.


I used to play waterpolo back in Scotland. Very badly, but it was great fun. I just had to share our team picture with you because I think it's hilarious, particularly the American dude on the left who insisted on wearing a wooly hat. Granted, taking a team picture in your swim suits in the middle of the winter is a bit nuts. The woman sitting with her legs spread is obviously me.

The protein guys

Anyway, some of the guys on the team were very openly concerned with their looks, particularly with all the muscles from the waist up (none of them seemed particularly concerned about their buttocks or legs for some reason). So, their biceps and other upper arm muscles whose names escape me, and their pectoral and abdominal muscles. Once I got to listen to a conversation which lasted the best part of our train journey to Edinburgh and which made me want to repeatedly hit my head with a heavy object. The entire conversation revolved around the exact amount of protein intake needed to build optimal muscle mass. It went something like this:

"Yeah, so, Monday through Thursday I eat 11.8 ounces of protein per meal and 0.5 ounces of carbs, so I get very tired, but then on Friday I splash out on carbs before the match and it really boosts my energy levels".

For 45 minutes. Discussing the most effective protein supplements, exact amount of chicken to be had for lunch, frequency of meals and gym routines. Now I learned from the protein guys that in order to get very defined abs (=abdominal or stomach muscles) they needed to eat very little carbs (=carbohydrates, i.e. pasta, bread etc.) and a lot of protein, to make sure they had a lot of muscle and very little fat (because they obviously didn't want their abs to be hidden under a layer of fat).

Girls' talk in the shower room

Meanwhile, I remembered two of the girls on my team talking about the protein guys in the shower room:

"Did you notice X. has become a total hunk, I love it!" "yeah, and Z. has got his abs back, that's so great, isn't it?" 

Blablabla. What do I care if Z. is ripped or not?!!!

I've got a confession to make. I like guys that don't work out. That just have the amount of muscle they naturally have without going to the gym. I also like chubby guys, because they're so soft and cuddly! I don't like gym-steeled men with bulky muscles. They're just not my type. Plus I can't imagine having very much in common with somebody who goes to the gym 5 days a week and spends every waking hour worrying about their protein intake. But that's just me.

Male actors and models

The holiday season is coming up and everyone's buying presents. And there are so many adverts everywhere with half-naked guys on them, advertising anything from aftershave to protein supplements. I've noticed that the men in these adverts are usually very muscular, they have a super flat stomach with defined abs and there is not a single hair on their torso. Then that made me think of the different types of men that have played James Bond. Sean Connery, for example, has a hairy chest and is not overly muscular and that was seen as attractive back in the day. Whereas the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig, has humungous muscles and not a single hair on his chest.

Male actors and models are becoming more and more muscular. What is it like to be faced with all these super muscular, clean shaven men with flat stomachs? What if you're just a normal kind of guy? Too fat, too hairy, too skinny, too short, too unfit... to be a model? Well, I hope that the fact that women don't necessarily like super muscular hairless men helps. Guys: stay the way you are, and don't let anyone tell you you're not handsome!


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