Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stop Faking it!

Here we go, I'm going to write about ORGASMS again. This is a heartfelt plea to all women (and men): please stop faking orgasms. I know from talking to women over the years that it's a very common practice, and while I understand why you do it, I think it's not a brilliant idea.

A friend of mine says she pretends to orgasm when he's been going on and on and all she really wants is to go to sleep, or when he's getting really heavy on top of her and she starts to feel asphyxiated. Or both.

Another friend of mine feels pressured to pretend to orgasm because her partner thinks he's the bee's knees in the bedroom and he's doing everything right and apparently lasts for hours. She thinks that there's something wrong with her because the way they're having sex doesn't turn her on. Apparently he said to her that his dozens of previous sexual partners all orgasmed when he did what he did. My guess is most of them faked it, and even if they didn't and actually liked his style, that doesn't mean my friend has to like it.

One big problem for women is the myth that vaginal intercourse leads to an orgasm for women. There are so few women (and men) who truely understand the implications of this: vaginal sex is not going to make you orgasm. It just won't. So you might as well try something else.

A lot of women have sex for several years before they have their first orgasm. I'm guessing, some never orgasm, not even in their sleep.

If something doesn't turn you on, or if you don't feel like having sex, then let your partner know/ initiate something different. Talk to each other about your likes and dislikes. But please be honest with yourself and your partner and don't FAKE it!


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