Sunday, 18 December 2011

Trudi Canavan's feminist Fantasies

Dearest dears! As promised, I'm putting my "bubbly blogger" hat back on and here goes my new instalment of
blogging about feminism and sexuality. Today I thought I'd write about Trudi Canavan's feminism-infused fantasy novels, in case anyone's still looking for a really good book to read during the upcoming holidays.

Personally, I've read the Black Magician Trilogy, its prequel and sequel. The sequel is still missing one book, The Traitor Queen, which is to come out in late 2012, yay!

Becoming absorbed in a really good book is such a wonderful thing. With Canavan's (her name always makes me think of "caravan") gripping books, the bonus is that they are not full of sexual and gender stereotypes. She's created multi-facetted gay and lesbian characters, and characters which call into question what it really means to be a man or a woman, feminine or masculine.

Check it out, her gender-bending starts right on the first page of the Black Magician Trilogy!

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