Wednesday, 30 November 2011


just a wee note to say I'm not dead. I've been busy with such trivial things as writing up a PhD thesis and applying for jobs in academia. But now I'm back! I'm happy that so many people have viewed this blog and seem to find the information I've put on here useful.

It's funny really, how you blog and then your blog takes on a life of its own while you go away and twiddle your thumbs. The most popular post is the one written by my guest reviewer Stilltorik. Dammit!!! Cunning editorial choice, that was! Looks like I'm going to have to bring him back to do my work for me again.

Apart from that, it's a bit weird that when you google me, the third search result is What is a multiple Orgasm. Next thing I know, people will think I'm a porn star. I wonder whether this will put potential future employers (who aren't in the porn industry)  off? Well, just another risk I'm just going to have to take.

Hasta la vista, cyberpeople!