Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Masturbation in Cinemas now!!!!

Yay, what a catchy title. I'm quite pleased with myself. If you actually thought I'd write about anything other than masturbation on cinema screens, I, like, totally fooled you! Because all I was going to say is:

-According to my ... uhm ... research, Natalie Portman's masturbation scene in Black Swan is totally realistic-

Seriously though, further to my post on female orgasm How do women orgasm, the scene where Portman starts masturbating in bed (before she discovers her mum is in the room), is a highlight in the history of the depiction of female masturbation. In fact, I've not seen any better depictions than that.

Oh and now if you're going to ask that annoying question again, "but why is it not like that in the porn I watch?", I had an exceptionally witty reply all ready to go:

-go fuck yourself. Literally-

But then I thought again and decided to go for my old "I guess I must be wrong then, right?" ;-P

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