Sunday, 5 December 2010

What is a multiple orgasm?

Few people know what a multiple orgasm is.

Most think it must be some kind of super-orgasm, the holy grale of orgasms. Don't go looking for it, because it doesn't exist. It just means multiple orgasmS: one orgasm, followed by a second, by a third, by a fourth and so on, with little space between each orgasm. Couple of minutes maybe, or 20. If you let pass a few hours or days, I would maybe call the next orgasm a stand-alone orgasm, or the first of a potential new series of orgasms, i.e. mulitple orgasm. I'll stop using the word ORGASM now. No, hang on: ORGASM ORGASM ORGASM ORGASM ORGASM!
Ah, it was good to get that out!
Blimey, are men jealous of that little trick women have up their sleeve, he he he.

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