Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Something happened in class today

A seasonal horror story involving, tangentially, Santa Claus.

Someone I know went into class today and the students were asked to pair up and read out a dialogue between Santa Claus's sinister helper (the one who punishes little children) and a little child.
The (woman) teacher specifically asked that the men in the class read the sinister helper part, and the women read the child's part.

Yuk! EEEEeeech! *Red alert, red alert*

In my mind, this gives off a pretty problematic message - that, somehow, women are more apt for impersonating children, or worse, that women really are like children - they need protection, telling off, guidance... they certainly cannot fend for themselves!

And then, on the other hand, that men are somehow sinister? Strong? Punishing? An authoritative figure?

Do we really want to perpetuate such role models?

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  1. I think that more that anything else, this story shows that equality between men and women is not achieved yet.

    Some might think that it's just a tiny example that has no influence on how people think. If it was just one example, I'd agree. But unfortunatly, we see examples like that all the time, without even realising it, in books, songs, films, etc... A good way to check whether a situation fits in the category "gender inequality example", ask yourself whether it would have been possible to switch role. More often than not, you realise that it would have felt odd or unnatural.