Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"Is it Miss or Mrs?"

I hate being asked "Is it Miss or Mrs?". I always answer "Ms" with a grudge. Why is that? Because, when you're a man, you're just a "Mr". You're not constantly reminded of whether you're married or not, because it doesn't matter. You're a man, and that's the end of it.

Women, on the other hand, are defined by marriage, through this little, but significant distinction. They are reminded of it constantly, by this one little, annoying question that just won't go away. "Is it Miss or Mrs?". I think it's offensive to be asked this question, just as I hate having to choose between putting my tick next to the Male or Female box on the form (as though I had a choice).

All I really want to be, is a person.


  1. Concerning the Ms or Mrs, I agree that it is a leftover from another time, and should disappear. I hope it will in the next few years.

    On the topic of the Male/Female box, while I might agree that it is not useful everywhere, it is sometimes useful. I can understand why they ask for it when it is necessary to recognise you (passport for example), or if the "treatment" of the person is different depending on the sex (GP). Sometimes, it's asked for statistics purposes, and you often have the choice not to mention it. All in all, what I'm saying is the person who designs the form should ask him/herself the question of whether or not it has a sense to ask which sex the person is.

  2. good news from the diaspora project: "why gender is a text field on diaspora"

  3. just checked out the Sarahmei site, ace! I particularly like the gender options people have made up.