Sunday, 5 December 2010

"Femininity" - and "Masculinity"

A book I really like is Susan Brownmiller's 'Feminity'. In this book, she goes through various aspects of feminitiy - clothes/shoes, body, hair, skin, voice... and explains how the rules about what passes as femininity have changed thoughout the ages. Which is a brilliant way of showing just how arbitrary the rules of feminity are. I particularly like the bit where she talks about breasts and the shape they're supposed to be. Somehow they're just never in the right place! I mean, look at these...


What on earth are they doing here?!!!!!!
And, OMG, what is THIS (**) Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet the monobosom!!

Seriously though, the book is awesome. Think about it. Why do we spend so much time making ourselves pretty, instead of throwing on something practical that allows us to run around and get dirty, without worrying about skirts riding up or waisting half our attention on trying to walk in high heels.. left alone the deformations to the foot caused by wearing these incredibly stupid inventions.

Oh and I have another complaint to make! Why do women wear stupid high heels on the dancefloor? Anyone who's ever got their achilles tendon stomped on with one of those knows what I'm talking about. I think high heels should be banned on dancefloors.

By the way, men wear stupid things too. They also wear clothes that are too tight so they have to hold their belly in all day and come out of them with big red marks around the waist (if they do manage to squeeze out). They wear suits (that's so impractical!). They are obsessed with their body-hair, much like women are, though men are at least allowed hairy legs and armpit hair.

Now don't get me started on armpit hair! And hairy backs and torsos - remember those James Bond films with Sean Connery sporting his hairy chest? Couldn't easily do that these days... men are supposed to have smooth chests like babies!

Marketing companies are getting their body lotions and shaving creams sold, and everyone's happy!

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